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How to parse Yahoo Finance with Python?

dmitrypro77 profile image Dmitry ・1 min read

Web scraping is the automated, computer-aided process of obtaining and processing data from websites. It's a good method for producing datasets for study and research.

This tutorial's main goal is to demonstrate various web scraping techniques that may be used on any online page. Only educational reasons are intended by this. Any website's terms and conditions should be carefully studied to determine whether using the data is permitted.

In this project, we shall web scrape utilizing the three methods below:

  • To extract web page content, use HTML tags, BeautifulSoup, and Requests.
  • Utilize Selenium to collect information from webpages that load dynamically.
  • Embedded JSON data can be used to scrape a webpage.

How to parse Yahoo Finance with BeautifulSoup?<br>

Discussion at: https://devhubby.com/thread/how-to-parse-yahoo-finance-with-beautifulsoup

Finally, we can parse the HTML data using BeautifulSoup. An object of type bs4.BeautifulSoup will be returned. This will make it possible for us to get the necessary data using the various BeautifulSoup methods. In the following subsection, we'll learn about a few of these techniques.


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